There are plenty of mistakes you could make when designing your website, we’ve decided to stick with the most common and easily avoided while Building a Divi-Powered Website.

If you make an effort to circumvent these stumbling blocks, your designs should be well ahead of the pack, Building a Divi-Powered Website.

Use a Divi-powered WordPress website instead

Our experienced staff that can build you a well-designed WordPress-powered website using foremost robust themes — Divi.

This multifunctional theme is often tailored to your business, organization, or individual needs, and customized to align with your brand’s visual identity.

We create unique websites that are easy to afford, maintain, and update.

We integrate the simplest web analytics tools into your website so you’ll understand how your customers are interacting together.

Our websites are optimized for multiple devices, also as for high search engine rankings.

Navigation structure

Having high-quality content means little if visitors can’t find what they’re searching for on your website.

Many website builder templates are one page, which forces you to publish long-text heavy pages that are difficult to navigate.

For the simplest user experience, also as program optimization efforts, you would like to have multiple pages.


Website builders often have fairly limited analytics packages.

If you’re unable to gather a good type of data on how visitors are finding your site, and their behavior once they visit it, you can’t optimize your site for search.

You can’t adjust your website content and online advertising to enhance your chances of conversions.

And you can’t cash in of consumer insights about your firm, products, or services that would be an incredible opportunity for, or threat to, your business which will be found during a robust analytics package.

Cross-device design

For many consumers, a smartphone is that the only way they frequently access the net.

Not having a mobile-friendly website puts you at a major disadvantage, as you lose out on potential customers.

Don’t overlook how your website appears on a tablet, either.

If your website looks good on one device, but not another, a consumer may question your professionalism, and look at other options.

Many website builders have limited mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly options.


Your small business cannot afford to appear like every other small business on the virtual block. A generic website layout or theme diminishes the credibility of your brand, and nothing is stopping your competition from producing a more impressive, authoritative website with relevant content, frequently updated pages, and rich media.


Websites built with website builders are often slow loading, filled with ads, and limited in their customizability.

All of those factors negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Worse yet, you don’t actually own your content under their terms of services

Additionally, websites built with website builders often have .wix or .weebly, in their domain name.

Having a website builder’s name in your URL diminishes your brand credibility, and makes it harder for you to engage in backlinking or other SEO tactics.